Once, there were six men who didn’t stop. Through hours of shared boredom at a dead end job and similar drinking habits, a few friends conspired to dip their toes into the world of performance. Not being particularly skilled in many other fields, we decided to stick to what we knew: drinking and making each other laugh. This manifested as Krakin Jokes, what would become the longest running DIY comedy series in the Athens community.

The stage became a fascination after just one drunken night with a microphone and a PA in the backyard. Given a few more months, we worked to learn more about organizing, about managing, and about making people laugh. As we learned more, more people began to show up and the desire to create better events and experiences became a priority.

We needed better seating. We needed to rebuild the dilapidated outdoor stage, and replace the coffee table we had been using with a proper indoor stage. We needed our own microphone, our own sound equipment, a soundboard. More than anything else, we needed to address the deep desire to explore our own creativity through different mediums. So we got to work.


Everything culminated in Tuning Fork Production Company, our very own platform for self-published print media, film, podcasting, performance theater, web streaming, and anything else that we feel compelled to try.

As a group of individuals, we have changed a lot over the years, but our core process and mission has remained the same: To create and maintain a space that serves as both an incubator for creativity and a center of entertainment in the community.

As of February 2019, we have -, in a manner of speaking - been shut down. Krakin Jokes had years of successes, and in over three years our house shows garnered the attention of not only the community, but the government as well. The shows were becoming too popular, and were beginning to tread the line between acceptable and illegal. We started this with the idea that we didn’t need experience to create something important, and we still deeply believe in this. Instead of accepting this ending to our hard work, we decided it was the exact push we needed to do what we had often dreamed about.

And that’s where you come in.